Saturday, December 5, 2009

Welcome Guest Designer, Millie

Hi everyone! It is my pleasure to announce our December guest designer, Millie!!!!

One day I was searching through some old drawers at my grandmother’s house. I loved being there and looking through the artifacts of my mother’s life when she was a girl. On this day I found in the deepest recess of a drawer my mom’s high school scrapbook. I still have that scrapbook today even though there has been much degradation. That started my love affair with scrapbooking. I simply love doing something to record my family’s history so that further generations will be able to find the scrapbook in the deepest corners and be able to get to know long past relatives and thus understand their heritage better. As time went on scrapbooking evolved into card making as well because it is a way to share my love of art and color with others not part of my family heritage. I became a Stampin Up demo as a natural extension of my lov eof teaching and creating. I have also been a guest designer for Clear and Simple Stamps and now Scrapmaster's Paradise!! I also facilitate the color challenge on Paper Craft Planet each Wednesday. There is no telling where the next turn in my creative journey will take me but color and creation will always be a part of that journey!!

Happy Crafting,

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