Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions at SPCC

Hey all,

I have had many of the same questions come up so I wanted to give everyone the answers so that everyone is one the same page. If you have any other questions, be sure to send me an email

Can I still play along if I don't have Stampin' UP colors?
OF COURSE YOU CAN! Just use similar colors that are close to the color combo! You do not have to use Stampin' UP brand products, but your colors should still be close to the colors listed. I know everyone has their own preference for products, I just LOVE SU so I make my color combos using SU colors.

Can I enter more than one project into the weekly SPCC?
YES! You can enter as many times as you want! I have noticed a few people enter 2 projects and that is perfectly fine with me. If you can use the color combo more than once, GREAT! We would love to see it and of course it will increase your chances of winning. Now don't go crazy and enter like 100 projects or anything, but you can definitely enter more than once if you want to.

What time does SPCC officially end?
Technically, each SPCC challenge ends at 12midnight Pacific Time. That way everyone has plenty of time to get their entries in. That is actually 3AM my time in Tennessee and I am not up that late LOL. I won't be choosing the winner until late afternoon on Mondays (usually 4ish EST) due to my college schedule, so any entries before I choose the winners is fair game.

What time does Finally Friday officially end?
There really is no official deadline for Finally Friday because it is just for fun. There won't be winners chosen for the Finally Friday challenges. I usually go in an close the Mr. Linky widget after two weeks or so, but you are still more than welcome to play along and just add your link to the comments section.

How do you come up with the color combo challenge?
I choose the color combos based on colors I personally think go well together. I know the basics of color theory, BUT I don't always stick to the color rules. I just look at the colors and decide what I want colors look good together. I have always been drawn to color and it is really fun for me to put the combos together. I took painting classes all throughout my childhood and all through high school so I have a teeny tiny artistic background, but really, I am just making my combos up in my head. :O)

Why did you create SPCC?
I love challenges! I am a daily craft blogger at Scrapmaster's Paradise and wanted to bring something new jnto my blogging so Scrapmaster's Paradise Color Combos was born.
I have noticed there are many great color combo challenges out there, BUT I wanted my own because the color combo challenges all seemed to lack something. The combos themselves were awesome at all the color combo challenge I visit, BUT some didn't offer prizes, some only were for scrapbooking, and others were only geared towards card makers. When I created SPCC, I wanted it ALL -awesome combos, great prizes, and EVERYONE can play if they are a paper crafter.

Happy Crafting,


Elise said...

Ohhhh, Samantha! I love how you articulated your decision to start your own color challenge and answers to the particulars! I'm delighted to have found your challenge spot, and I do find it unique and FUN! I'm MOSTLY amazed by how you are accomplishing all that you have going and make it look so GOOD! {Even MORE inspiration!} Thank you for making me feel so welcome!

Emily said...

Thanks Sam!

Danielle said...

Great job explaining Sami. i am sure everyone will understand the blog better now!

Anonymous said...

Great instructions. I am going to have to enter one. I saw the very talented entries of the previous challenges. I hope I can compare. WE shall see.

Anonymous said...

Hi Samantha! I just wanted to drop a little note here! I found your color combo blog last night and I'm so excited to start playing!

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