Saturday, June 20, 2009

How to Add the Blinkie using Blogger

Hey everyone!

I have had many of you ask how to go about adding the SPCC blinkie to your blog so I have decided to write up some step by step instructions for how to add the blinkie if you have a blog at ( this would be anyone using a blog address as )

To get the blinkie added:
  • Go to your dashboard (go can get there from the page where you sign in)
  • Click on the "Layout" link under your blog name
  • There should be a place on the page that says "add a gadget"
  • When a box pops up, click on the plus sign symbol next to the gadget called "Html/java script"
  • A new window should pop up that has a place for a title and then a place for text. Copy and paste the text from under the blinkie listed on the SPCC sidebar.
  • Then save and you should have the blinkie!
  • On the "Layout" page, you can move the widgets so you can put them in whatever order you want them to show up in.
Please Note: the blinkie doesn't actually blink and it is not intended to blink!! I do not like things that blink so I chose to make mine not blink. :O)

If someone could email me the steps for adding the blinkie using typepad or wordpress I would really appreciate it!!

Happy Crafting,

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Cristina said...

thanks Samantha....I have it up!!
have a wonderful w/e!

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